Strategy, judgment, persistence – a winning combination.

Linchpin Strategies’ team understands intimately the workings of Capitol Hill and federal agencies. We know which levers to pull, and how to create new ones when none exist.

Public Policy and Advocacy

Linchpin’s federal lobbying prowess is core to all that we do. From strategy development to execution, Linchpin’s depth of experience and expertise makes us a leader.

Linchpin’s Public Policy and Advocacy service offerings include:

Policy Analysis
Policy Development
Relationship Development
Legislative Strategy
Regulatory Strategy
Education and Outreach
Budget and Appropriations Initiatives
Advocacy Campaign Management

Coalition Building

Linchpin is a fierce advocate on behalf of its clients and their causes. Sometimes, lobbying is most effective when we engage with a broader community around a policy issue or concern. We are adept at generating support for client objectives within existing networks and coalitions, and at developing new alliances.

Linchpin’s Coalition Building service offerings include:

Partnership Development
Constituency Development
Grasstops Campaigns
Coalition Mobilization
Development of Unlikely Allies
Matching Messengers and Messages to the Audience

Federal Regulatory Practice

Direct engagement with federal agency and White House officials is often a critical element of Linchpin’s day-to-day work. The usual suspects are obvious – and we know them well.  What sets Linchpin apart is our knowledge of the obscure. We plumb the depths of the federal government, working with offices many in Washington have never ever heard of, to produce results for our clients and the people they serve.

Linchpin’s Federal Regulatory Practice service offerings include:

Regulatory and Executive Advocacy
Agency Budgeting and Negotiations
OMB Program Support
Federal Investigation Support
Federal Marketing and Opportunity Development
Non-Lobbying Education and Outreach

Association Management

Linchpin Strategies is well versed in the complexities of running non-profit associations. From formation and governance to agenda setting and member development, Linchpin has what it takes. We can guide the transition from ad-hoc coalition to formal association, and manage operations for maximum impact.

Linchpin’s Association Management service offerings include:

Organizational Development and Governance
Strategic Planning, Positioning and Branding
Policy and Position Development
Leadership and Membership Recruitment
Meeting Planning and Coordination
Communications and Public Relations
Website Development
Education, Outreach and Advocacy

Strategic Communications and Support Services

An effective communications and media strategy can be critical to the success of any public policy effort – or it can be a red herring, diverting resources from the ultimate goal. To be effective, communications must amplify the legislative and regulatory strategy and tactics. Linchpin knows how to integrate messaging into lobbying and advocacy campaigns, deploying PR in support of client objectives. Working with partner communications experts, the Linchpin team helps clients ensure that every communication is on-message and hits home.

Linchpin’s Strategic Communications and Support Services offerings include:

Strategic Message Development
Press Release/Op-Ed Strategy and Placement
Congressional Witness Selection and Testimony
Press Conference Support
Media Training
Digital and Social Media Strategy
Graphic Design
Website Design
Materials Development

Great clients. Great causes. Great colleagues. That’s what Linchpin is all about.